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Wedding and Engagement Rings


Our indoor sparklers are an amazing special effect to add to any event. Create the wow factor that will have your guests freaking out and talking about your event for years. An amazing addition to your Grand Entrance or First Dance. Indoor fireworks that are 100% safe, no flame, no smoke.

Important Note: We are the only company in the Philadelphia area to have a separate fireworks insurance policy for these sparkler machines. Venues will not be covered by other companies general liability insurance and this is a requirement for most venues.


This is the latest effect that we are using for all sorts of events and wedding first dances. We use a special low lying fog that stays close to the ground to give the effect of you dancing on top of the clouds for your special dance. We can also use this fog as an effect on any dance floor for all your guests to enjoy the feeling of dancing on a cloud.


Mystic bubbles are the latest in special effect technology. We have taken a bubble machine and created the ability to infuse in the inside of each bubble with traditional fog. The bubbles fly around and as they pop, a fog burst is left creating a mystical and magical fantasy effect.


These effects are great for venues that don’t allow fog. We use compressed Carbon Dioxide to create a fog type effect that brings concert effects to your event. Our C02 cannons shoot onto the crowd at different parts of the event adding the extra ambiance to the dance floor. Our C02 Guns are handheld so we can control where we shoot the C02 and it is really cool letting our clients use it as well to shoot it out into the crowd.



Adding a snow machine to your event will definitely give the appearance of a wintery wonderland. Whether just used for important dances or to set the overall atmosphere of a winter themed event, the snow machines is a really cool special effect.

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